About Me

Just a small town girl living in a crunchy world… with an embarrassing love of classic rock.

I was born a granola girl with a love of vegetables, hiking and of course the environment. As an army brat I spent my childhood moving around and fell in love with my mum’s home – Scotland. I also learned a lot about sustainability and environmental awareness from the Scots (along with the best way to shear a sheep while appreciating a fine scotch).

I moved to New York in 2007 and quickly fell in love with the city. Wholefoods became my playground and Brooklyn my inspiration. I have taken to making my own skincare and haircare products, and enjoy discovering the many diverse ways of medicating the body without prescription or over the counter medication.

I try to care for my body both inside and out with a healthy combo of exercise and clean eating, stirred up with laughter and doused in curiosity.

My hubby, Vin, and I recently made the move to New Jersey. I’ll be taking note of our adventures and bringing the good stuff here, so stay tuned for more adventures!




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