A Day at Backer Farm

IMG_6362We have been talking about going pumpkin picking since The Holiday Stone was released, some eight years ago, and we finally made it! After many (many) years, moving to New Jersey and our friends having babies, we mustered up the scheduling ability, and carved out the time, to go nab some gourds.


With all the fall madness of families more organized than us flooding the local farms, we decided to go to our friends’ farm in Mendham – Backer Farm. We were warmly greeted by Derick, Heather and their new pup Tex (a hurricaine Irene transplant). We chatted away, changing baby diapers in Subarus, while the rest of the gang made the journey from Maplewood, a few towns over.


Once everyone had arrived, we took off a few layers – it was 80 degrees out – and headed over to the chickens! They were a rowdy bunch looking for a meal and some good chat. Derick and Heather were so cheery and full of information about the chickens and other animals on the farm. It was great for the little ones to ask questions and find out more about farm life!


We then went on a hay ride, which gave the kiddos, and us grown ups, a chance to rest our feet. Derick took us around the farm, through the yoga plot, and past the piglets. He kindly stopped for a few minutes so that we could ask more questions and give the pigs a proper hello before driving back around to the front of the farm. Vin and I stopped into the barn to say a quick howdy to the horses and then, of course, went out to pick our pumpkins!


It was a great day for the babies, the preschooler, the parents, and us. There were enough people to add to the atmosphere, but no lines to wait in. Plus, we had the time and space for a proper browse of the farm goods in the Farm Stand. They sell everything from honey, to tomatoes and pork.

If you want to stop by and pick up some eggs or just say hi to Heather and Derick, please do! And give them a hug from us!





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