A Glossier Adventure!

I have been following Glossier on their journey through subway advertisements, with YouTube and other social media influencers and even bloggers and fans they have picked up along the way. People across the country and into Europe have been keeping up with Glossier too, helping them to develop a loyal cult following over the years.


When I heard they had a flagship store in SOHO, I was beyond excited! I have extremely fussy, sensitive skin with some rosacea, so any opportunity to try products is a plus for me. Also, I wanted to see what Glossier’s Instagram looks like in real life.


I took the elevator to the penthouse, after being greeted by a friendly lady in a pink jumpsuit. As soon as I saw her, I knew I’d made the right decision. After a short ride with some Londoners and a group of young German girls, the doors of the elevator opened. It was as though I’d jumped right into their pink, romantic photos and was walking around. I knew for sure a model was going to jump out at me at any moment… and she did! Among the many many samples, was a tall, serine and, needless to say stunning, young woman walking around. She took care of the the small space, tidying up the sink, cleaning the tops of lipstick samples, restacking and facing and so on.


There were no hard sells and not need for them. Everyone there knew about the brand and, it seemed, had been keeping as close an eye on their products as I have. After taking my time to walk around and try their Stretch Concealer, Balm Dot Com, and their moisturizers and serums on the back of my hand, I ventured over to the sink. The young girls had the place surrounded so I just stood back and browsed. The serums were smooth and not greasy, the lotions ranged in heaviness and their new gel SPF felt so clean and soothing on my hand – it was time to spend some money!


The purchasing part was, like everything else, made for the woman with little time on her hands. I filled out a little menu-like sheet, similar to that of some sushi restaurants, stating my name and the products I wanted to buy. They also offer bundles, which save up to 50% of buying each item individually, so I would definitely recommend going that route.


I purchased:

  • The Phase 1 Set, which includes:
    • Balm Dotcom (I picked cherry)
    • Milky Jelly Cleanser
    • Priming Moisturizer
  • Invisible Shield


I then handed my menu card to the trendy girls at behind the ipad register, who passed it over to another pink-clad girl, who dashed off to collect the items from the back. Within moments (okay, maybe 2 minutes) everything was packaged up in a sealable bag, and they’d thrown in some cheeky surprises! There was also a sheet of cute stickers and a sample of the fragrance they will be launching soon! Pleased with the entire experience, and cheerily hopped back into the elevator to return to earth.


I can’t wait to try out the set and will report back in a couple of days!


‘Till then – turra!



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